A Brief Chronicle of the Universal Church of Christ, Inc

The Universal Church of Christ is an organization of local churches and ministries dedicated to serving the Body of Jesus Christ. In 2012 the Universal Church of Christ celebrated 40 years of Christian Monotheistic Pentecostal Ministry. She may be described as an Apostolic, Progressive, Holistic ministry, committed to awakening the world through the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We realize and embrace the approach to ministry that God is concerned with the whole man: Spirit, Soul, and Body. There is great opportunity as well as latitude for personal development in the Church.

The Founder of this great church is Bishop Robert Clinton Jiggetts, Jr. —  a man spirit-filled and full of faith.  He heard a greater call of God, receiving an understanding of the Oneness of God.  This Apostolic Father established the Universal Church of Christ in April of 1972.

Under his tutelage two churches were birthed: Liberty Temple in Orange, New Jersey (now Greater Liberty Temple in Newark) and later, Brooklyn Temple in Brooklyn, New York.  In 1984 the Universal Bible Institute (UBI) was organized and opened to equip and train workers for ministry.

The Universal Church of Christ has established National and International branches, with churches in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. To propagate the Gospel of our Lord, the Christ, the Universal Church of Christ also has churches serving in Haiti, the Philippines, Liberia and Ghana.

The clarion message of the Apostolic Faith has been preached by Bishop Jiggetts since the inception of the church, which has an avid community outreach to its neighborhood and to the needs of the people. The church is actively involved in missions in Africa, having built a primary school in Liberia and a child care center in Accra, Ghana. We support a health care outpost — Taking Back Our Health — under the direction Sister Pixie Massiah, providing health and sanitary products to promote increased health conditions and health education.

The Universal Church of Christ has three National Meetings per year: Spring Conference, held the third weekend of March; Holy Convocation, begins the last Tuesday in August; and two Bi-Annual Conventions — the National Women’s and the National Youth Exposition — held the second weekend in November (alternating years).

Bishop Jiggetts, the National Officials, Pastors and congregants have entered into a new season of ministry, and the Universal Church of Christ continues to look forward with great anticipation to all that the Lord will continue to do.